Who We Are

As San Diego natives, we’ve been blessed to grow up in America’s finest city. We know the beauty of our fine city & want to help maintain that potential in the safest & most effective way possible. That’s why we started San Diego Softwash.

Principles of Our Work

Soft-washing is the safer, more efficient alternative to power or pressure washing. Using a gentle pressure along with an eco-friendly, water-based cleanser, we can restore any exterior surface to like-new condition without harmful or destructive force.
Take a look at your concrete, stucco, siding and roof. Even your fences & patio. You’ll see a greenish tint on light colored surfaces and/or deep green, orange, or black streaks & spots. Those stains aren’t just dirt- they’re actually indicative of a live infection of bacteria that lives & grows by eating away at the surface it’s colonizing!
The easiest analogy: Pressure washing gives the bacteria a haircut & Rogaine infused re-style with its heavy pressure that forces bacteria spores deeper into the surface. Soft Washing gets to the root of the issue by destroying the harmful mold, lichens, algae and moss at a molecular level. (If you can’t tell, we’re kind of Softwash nerds- and we like it).

San Diego's Softwash Experts

Bob and Chantal Casias

Owners, Softwash Experts
When we’re not restoring exterior surfaces to their fullest sparkling clean potential, we enjoy road trips, surfing, audiobooks, & just about anything creative!
Our combined pre-Softwash work experience ranges from dental assisting to drywall & concrete construction, office managing & union journeyman!


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There is no job too big that we cannot handle. Our goal is to revive your exterior appearance and keep it looking great with soft washing. Contact us today for more information or schedule a Free Estimate.
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